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"The heart of the problem"

If you've ever done a multi-channel frequency coordination for a wireless mic or IEM system, you learn the literal meaning of the word "exponential", right away. The intermodulation calculations become complex, fast.  Compromises are often made.  Wouldn't life be easier if intermod just... wasn't a thing that you had to worry about? 

The Sennheiser Solution

Users of Sennheiser's flagship digital 9000 and 6000 series products have known for a while that you can do one thing with these systems that you can't do with any others. Equidistantly space your carrier frequencies and still expect them to work.  

What good is that, you ask? Well for one it allows you to pack more channels into the same given amount of space. And it does it while simultaneously giving you a more reliable link for every channel in your system. 

The best news for wireless users everywhere is that this great tool, that will no doubt change the way that we all work with wireless, is now available in all of Sennheiser EW-D, EW-DX and EW-DP products as well. 

Don't take our word for it though. Ask us for a live demo. 

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